Clojure Redis using Carmine

Redis works great with Clojure when you use the Carmine API.

Some of the features of Redis could be duplicated in your app, or are features that exist in the Clojure APIs. So, knowing when to use Clojure and when to use Redis is important. Use Redis when there is a chance that multiple servers may need access to the same messaging, session, or cached data. Also, use Redis anywhere you need an extremely fast-and-simple drop-in replacement for a database.

Clojure Redis tutorials

Note: These tutorials are to help get you started, but not considered final production grade code. Redis, like any database, should NEVER be exposed directly to Internet traffic.

Clojure with a Touch of Redis

Introduction to Redis with Clojure integrated as the client.

Clojure Redis Get and Set

This is basic session and caching management tutorial. Globally accessible data should go in a Redis key-value store.

Clojure Redis Pub/Sub with Carmine

Redis Pub/Sub for messaging between servers or namespaces. Helps prevent circle reference issues, and communications issues between namespaces and servers.