Clojure Redis: Get and Set

For a brief intro to setting up Redis with Clojure using Carmine, see my earlier post on setting up Redis with Clojure.

The most common killer use for Redis is as a key-value store. You simply get and set values in it like in a map. It’s very handy for site wide session storage with web apps, or even in more traditional applications.

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Clojure with a Touch of Redis

If you’ve ever done enterprise web application development, you’ve heard of Redis. Redis has a lot of uses, but the most common is as replacement for your standard session. Even just using it’s key-value store (think hashmap on steroids), Redis provides so much power that many enterprise sites integrate it into their larger projects.

Lucky for those of us using Clojure, Redis integrates nicely using Carmine, an open source Clojure library for interacting with Redis.

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